Our Program

Our team works with patients on a short-term basis that may last from a few visits to several months depending on the type of treatment. Here are the stages that most patients work through:

Our Services

Mental Health Care

Team Care Center provides mental support for individuals 16+ with a mild to moderate condition, including: assessment & diagnosis, treatment recommendations, medication management & follow up, and counselling.

Our service consists of two main components.

  • in-depth assessments,
  • short-term medication management
  • treatment recommendations and/or establishment of a plan of care
  • Provided by Nurse Practitioners and consulting Psychiatrist
  • Counselling using a multi-model approach
  • Provided in partnership with Family Services Windsor-Essex
  • Provided by Registered Social Workers (MSWs)
Allied Health

Health & wellness supports to individuals with a focus on wholistic care for mental health and addictions, complex chronic conditions, as well as preventative care to those with acute needs.

  • Private/confidential addiction counselling to those with substance use, gambling misuse, and/or harmful behavior.
  • Harm reduction or cessation in substance use approach with non- faith based or spiritual model of care.
  • Self-referrals are accepted to encourage patients to seek support.
  • Provided by Certified Chemical Dependency Counsellors.
  • Education and counselling to individuals that have complex health issues, nutritional needs and/or a Body Mass Index greater than 30.
  • Provided by TCC Registered Dieticians and through a partnership with Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC).
  • Provided in partnership with weCHC by a Foot Care Nurse.
  • Diabetic foot assessments, treatment for current problems and preventative care for foot health.
  • Education on how to properly care for their feet.
  • Develops safe, individualized, graded and effective exercise programs for management of chronic conditions (MSK, neurologic & metabolic).
  • Personalized exercise programs for individuals with medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, obesity-related illness, etc.
  • Provided by a Registered Kinesiologist.
  • Provided by a Registered Respiratory Therapist in partnership with the Asthma Research Group (ARGI).
  • Respiratory assessments and spirometry testing.
  • COPD and Asthma education.
  • Smoking cessation through the STOP program (includes a 26-week program with FREE nicotine replacement and supportive counselling).
  • Medication reconciliation for patients with multiple-conditions and under specialist care.
  • Identifies and solves drug-therapy problems, including polypharmacy, noncompliance, and drug-drug and drug-substance interactions.
  • Resource/education to individuals and providers.
  • Provided by on-site Pharmacist.
  • Team Care Centre Physiotherapy provides treatment to address increase mobility, reduce pain and prevent injury for patients with chronic conditions. Our program is not for acute patients recovering from an injury or recent surgery. We provide services for individuals ages 19-64 who are not covered by an insurance company, have no extended benefits, not on ODSP, OW or WSIB or has an open insurance claim/MVA.
  • Personalized therapeutic treatment, modalities, and exercise plan.
  • Functional activity testing and tolerance testing
  • Chronic pain, work & occupations re-training.
  • Provided by a registered Physiotherapist.