Patient Enrolment Information

Agreeing to be an enrolled patient, unless, travelling or in case of emergency, means you commit to accessing your primary healthcare services from the Windsor FHT group of primary care providers first before accessing other avenues of care such as a walk-in clinic or the hospital emergency department.

At the Windsor FHT we are pleased to offer an integrated holistic approach to your health care needs. Working together with you, our team of Physicians, Nurses, Dietician, Nurse Practitioners and Social Worker provide comprehensive care for illness prevention and management with a primary focus on helping you stay healthy. When you enrol you are assigned to a primary care provider but the entire team becomes part of your circle of care at the Windsor FHT.

Your first step to becoming a patient involves providing us with personal health information. To understand your healthcare needs fully, we ask that you provide us with complete personal health information as part of your enrolment. Rest assured that your personal health information will remain confidential.

You can request that enrolment forms be mailed or faxed to you or you can click on the link below to print a copy at your convenience. Once the paperwork has been fully completed you’ll need to fax, drop off or mail your enrolment forms back to us so that we can offer you an appointment or put you on our wait-list should there be no availability.

Once received we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment to meet with one of our primary healthcare providers

IMPORTANT: Please understand that you are not considered a patient of the Windsor FHT until you have had your first appointment and have been officially accepted into our group practice.

Click here to view and print the enrolment form and here for the consent form

Please do not have any records or test results sent to our office prior to being accepted as a patient.