These services are only available to Enrolled Patients of the Windsor Family Health Team

Digital Health Solutions

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Ocean Online Booking

Ocean is a web-based platform that gives clients the ability to book or cancel an appointment online using their HC# and Date of Birth as well as receive appointment reminders.

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If you have an account, Log In Here.

Pomelo Patient Portal

Pomelo is a full user experience that gives clients the ability to book or cancel an appointment online, receive appointment reminders (email and/ or SMS) and broadcast messaging updates (office closures, flu shot clinics, upcoming workshops, health tips etc.).

If you don’t have an account, contact our office by telephone to request an invitation.

Telus EMR Virtual Visits

Contact our office by telephone or use one of our Online Booking Platforms (Ocean or Pomelo) to book an EMR Virtual Visit!

Telus EMR Virtual Visits are video appointments using your computer or mobile device.

Interested in becoming a patient?

Fill out our enrolment form and the consent form (pick up from our office or print from our website)

Return the completed forms to our office via mail, fax or in person (drop off)

We will process your enrolment form and contact you to book a 1st appointment

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Windsor Team Care Centre

The Windsor Team Care Centre is an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals that provide comprehensive healthcare support to patients of “Solo Practitioners”

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