The Windsor Family Health Team

The Windsor Family Health Team is governed by a community board consisting of eight directors. Reporting through the Executive Director to the Board is an administrative team and clinical team who work in tandem to attend to all administrative, program and clinical matters on behalf of the organization. As additional members are recruited we’ll update THE TEAM accordingly.

Board of Directors:

  • Gay Wrye, Chair
  • Jack Sullens, Director
  • Josie Hope, Treasurer
  • Kimberly Brisebois, Director
  • Jelena Payne, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Mary Broga, Interim Secretary
  • Anita Harris, Director
  • Alex Reidel, Director

Administrative Team:

  • Mark Ferrari, Executive Director
  • Neelu Sehgal, Director Team Care Centre
  • Sara Dalo, Manager of Quality, Experience and Patient Safety
  • Linda Fawler, Supervisor of Administration
  • Myrian Pio, Clinical Receptionist – St Clair College
  • Devon Boomer, Administrative Assistant
  • Erin Boyle, Clinical Receptionist
  • Julie Beaune, Clinical Receptionist
  • Samia Bazzi, Clinical Receptionist
  • Julie Johnson, Clinical Receptionist
  • Micaela Cacilhas, Clinical Receptionist
  • Brice Wong, Decision Support
  • Kaitlyn Morrison, Decision Support
  • Jason Pedro, IT Support Specialist

Family Practice Program:

  • Dr. Rita Jaddou, MD (languages include Arabic and Aramaic)
  • Dr. Darin Peterson, MD
  • Dr. J.R. Coates, MD
  • Dr. Nick Paquette, MD
  • Dr. Daria Zajac, MD
  • Sharon Bural, RN (EC)
  • Elyse Maindonald, RN (EC)
  • Sonia Filice, RD
  • Paula Cole, MSW RSW
  • Jackie Fulmer, MSW RSW
  • Stephanie Mayville, Clinic Nurse
  • Tamara Eren, Clinic Nurse
  • Allaina Lucier, RN/Health Promoter

Team Care Program:

  • Catherine Awad, RN (EC)
  • Terri Peirone, RN (EC)
  • Jessica Hindi, RN, MN, Practice Facilitator
  • Jane Colella, Clinic Nurse
  • Jason McKinlay, Therapist
  • Dana-Marie St Jean, Therapist
  • Alaina Esposito, Therapist
  • Colleen MacDonald, RRT
  • Dr. Russ Abouhassan, Consulting Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Kristina Levang, Consulting Psychiatrist
  • Elizabeth Lalonde, Chemical Dependency Counsellor
  • Derek Roberts, Chemical Dependency Counsellor
  • Natalie Packer, Pharmacist
  • Sonia Filice, RD
  • Santosh Malik, Physiotherapist
  • Michelle Wielink, Kinesiologist